How to Draw a Tulip: Step by Step

Tulip is very beautiful flower. You can learn How to Draw a Tulip. Many kids needs directions to draw something , so here we updated basic steps to draw this flower. You can take a look to instruct your kids to draw tulip flower easy.

How to Draw a Tulip Flower

How to Draw a Tulip Flower

How to Draw a Tulip Step by Step


Step 1 Draw a U shape from pencil.

Step 2 Now draw curve from One corner of U shape and take that curve to bottom of U.

Step 3 Draw another curve from another corner of U shape.

Step 4  Draw a Blossom of Tulip Flower.

Step 5  Now Draw stem of flower.

Step 6 Draw leafs of flower attached from stem of tulip.

Step 7 You can color your tulip to make it beautiful.

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