How To Draw Sunflower : Step by Step With Pencil

Sunflower is very beautiful flower and useful too.

Through this post we will let you know the different drawing patterns of the sunflower that how we can learn to draw sunflower step by step with the help of a pencil then you can easily help your child to draw the sunflower or let him/her to draw the flower.

Step 1 Draw C as this flower is side facing.

Step 2 Now draw a petal in triangle shape as given in the image below.

Step 3 Now draw some more petals round that C shape to give a look of flower.

Step 4 Now keep adding petals more or less but in triangle shape.

Step 5 Some petals longer some shorter or some overlapped but you keep on drawing around the circle.

Step 6 Start sketching now the circle with leaves.

Step 7 Now draw the stem below the flower.

Step 8 After stem draw the leaf on the stem that will go curved line.

Step 9 Finish your sunflower by coloring in it.


Sunflower Drawing Pattern

Sunflower Drawing Pictures


Sunflower Drawing Color

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