How To Draw A Simple Rose : Step by Step Guidelines

Rose is considered to be the most beautiful flower as its red color attract the most to the people. Through this post today we will let you know the simple steps of drawing the rose.

How to Draw a Rose Step by Step for Kids and Beginners

Step 1 Start drawing your rose with a oval shape.
Step 2 Now draw the small spiral in that oval.
Step 3 Now draw heart around the oval.
Step 4 Draw S shape on the left side and end that in V shape as given in the image below.
Step 5 Repeat the step 4 but on the right side in small shape.
Step 6 Draw U shape below the U shape.
Step 7 Start adding few details and lines as drawn in image below.
Step 8 Draw petals below the flower.
Step 9 Finally draw the stem and the leaves.
Step 10 Beautify your flower with colors.

How To Draw A Simple Rose Flower

How To Draw A Rose Flower

A Simple Rose Sketch

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