How to draw Lotus : Step by Step Guidelines

Lotus is a flower that bloom in warm sunlight it cannot tolerate the winters that’s why you won’t see lotus flower blooming in the winter. Here i will let you know how to draw Lotus flower step by step. So, let’s start.

Step 1 Draw small circle then over that draw a big oval.

Step 2 Draw two petals structured on both side like given in the image below.

Step 3 Draw couples of two petals thickly pointed in curved shape like in image given.

Step 4 Now give pointed and thick shape of the oval that you made in step 1.

Step 5 Now again give pointed shape to the side petals that you made in step 2.

Step 6 Double the layer of petals of side of step 1 on the lower edge.

Step 7 Now draw triplet of petals on right side.

Step 8 Now draw triplet of petals on left side i.e. step 7

Step 9 Fill the upper gap between through small triangles.

Step 10 Finally draw the massive circular leaf to the bottom of the flower.

Step 11 Beautify your flower with coloring.


Lotus Flower Drawing Sketch

Lotus Flower Drawing Images

Lotus Drawing For Kid

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