How To Draw A Lily : Step by Step Guidelines

Lily is most beautiful flower. These fragrant flowers symbolize purity and bloom in a wide variety of striking colors such as gold, peach, red, green, orange, pink, and even black. So via this post we will let you know how to draw the Lily flower step by step.

Step 1 Draw a Y-shaped stem having 2 short branches at the top. Make the ends of the branches rounded. As given in the image below.

Step 2 Now you have to draw the leaves in between them.

Step 3 Put ridges in the pods with two or three long lines. In the topmost leaf, draw a line down the center. Draw the petals of the lilies with rounded in triangular.

Step 4 Draw leaves and stem in curving shape as given in image below.

Step 5 Now shade your Lily Flower but shade the corners dark the most.

How To Draw A Lily Flower

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